Parks and Natural Riserve


Monte Orlando and the Park of the Coast of Ulysses.

Recently opened in the Regional Park of the Coast of Ulysses, Monte Orlando is an amazing area full of breathtakingly beautiful sites that by itself merits a visit.

After seeing the natural wonders of the landscape and the artistic wonders like the Sanctuary of the Spaccata Mountain, there are yet other sites to enjoy. Take in one of the great works of military engineering like the Bastioni, constructed by the Emperor Charles V of Hapsburg, and its gunpowder warehouse. Then there’s the Roman mausoleum Lucio Munazio Planco. From there can be enjoyed yet another panoramic view that on a clear day takes in Mount Vesuvious, the Sorrentina peninsula, the islands of Capri, Procida, Ischia and Ponziane alle the way to the promontory of Circeo. The sunsets from here are unforgettable.

Regional Park of the Aurunci Mountains.

One cannot describe the beauty of the panorama from the peak of the one thousand meter mountain top. One of the most spectacular sites in Italy is the view toward the sea and the gulf of Gaeta with the entire valley seen below.

The park can easily be reached from Gaeta in only 15 minutes by car. It offers many itineraries for from advanced hiking trails to easy paths designed for relaxing walks in nature.